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Hi, I'm Jensen.

I'm the founder of LoveHate Athletica, a student at University of Oregon, and a lifelong tennis player. I grew up playing six hours a day during the summer, and I know from experience that today’s tennis clothes kind of suck. And- I also know that when you wear clothes you don’t like, you sacrifice your focus on things that aren’t tied to your goals. For the same reason people don’t wear cargo shorts in the pool, each sport is unique and needs tailored clothing to fit its demands. 

LoveHate Athletica is creating designs for tennis players so they don’t have to choose between fashion and function and can instead focus on being the best athletes they can be. Because when you look good, you feel good. 

I named this brand to relate to the people who have dedicated their lives to the sport, and the tennis score itself. As a true tennis fanatic, there are days when you can’t imagine your life without it, and then days when you want to break a racquet. Tennis is mentally challenging; you love it and hate it for the same reasons. 


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