Hi, I'm Jensen.

I'm the founder of LoveHate Athletica, a student at U of O, and a life-long tennis player. The first time I picked up a racquet was when I was four years old, but I really fell in love with the sport when I was 12. I spent my summers playing 6 hours a day (getting absolutely horrible sock lines) and building the tenacity and grit for the things I do now. 


I created LoveHate Athletica because I was tired of having to sacrifice the functionality of my clothes in order to wear what I wanted. Although clothing can seem surface level, it plays a huge role in your confidence on and off the court. And I want to be a small part in making women feel as though they belong as athletes, starting with what they wear. 


I named this brand to relate to the people who have dedicated their life to the sport, and the tennis score itself. As a true tennis fanatic, there are the days when you can’t imagine your life without it, and then days where you want to break a racquet. Tennis is mentally challenging and you love it and hate it for all the same reasons.